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Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Recipe

Ice Cream Sandwiches are delicious and cake is always great, so when we found this amazing recipe for Ice Cream Sandwich Cake we absolutely had to share it with you! It's a super tasty treat and...

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5 Flowers That Thrive In The Summer Heat

Summer brings the heat! Unfortunately some flowers are unable to handle some of summer's extreme temperatures. Luckily, there are some beautiful flowers that can remain healthy and bright through high temperatures.

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Coconut Almond Cookies Recipe

Coconut and almond go together like, well... coconut and almond! Their tastes perfectly complement each other, especially in this easy and delicious cookie recipe. It makes 3 dozen tasty Coconut Almond cookies in...

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DIY Gold Round Mirror by Finding Fabulous

Hey guys, I'm so excited about my latest DIY project, and it was so affordable! I painted a simple round mirror I purchased at Old Time Pottery for 39.99 with Martha Stewart's craft paint in metallic gold. Yes I am loving the look of gold in...

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